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Chapters in Dow Family History

All text and image content of this research (other than the compiled genealogical charts) has been authored using a computer program called Folio Views and stored digitally in infobases. It has also been printed in color and bound as books for the use of my immediate family only. 

My primary interest is in permanently storing this text and image content digitally on DVD discs, not in authoring a web site.  This site is solely a byproduct of this primary interest and, of necessity, involves compromises that would not be made if one were trying to design a comprehensive web site.

Extracts from these infobases related to all of my web sites can be found by clicking on Infobase/Book (PDF) Library here or on this page above.  Many of these extracts also contain compiled genealogical charts near the end of the infobases.

The infobase extracts published here are Adobe Acrobat .pdf files (called Portable Document Format , or PDF for short), which have retained most of their original appearance.  The Acrobat versions do not contain many of the functions found in the original infobases.  For example,

bulletwhile notes, jump links and popup links may be highlighted on the text where they occur, the contents of some of these are listed at the end of the extract (which makes them hard to use in some instances) or not shown in the extracts at all, and
bulletthe hyperlinks from the original infobases are missing from, or not functional in, these extracts (although some of the Acrobat files have their own hyperlinks).  

There are over 450 PDF files linked to the pages of this site and its companion sites (over 200 can viewed on an iPhone or iPad).  They contain approximately 30,000 pages and 3 GB of data.

Some of the Acrobat files on this site, or its companion sites, are quite large (e.g., 595 pages; 65 MB in size).  Depending on the speed of your computer and internet connection, these large files may take a while to load and display, even though only one page is downloaded at a time.  Although it may appear that nothing is happening after you click on an image to display an infobase extract (Acrobat .pdf file),  be patient!  Once a single page of the .pdf file has completely loaded, the Acrobat screen will open and display the extract.  Until that happens, however, it may appear that your computer has completely locked up!

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