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This page summarizes the details of the extent to which the author has published and/or distributed the results of his family history research.  It details the form or format of the publishing, the places where the published items have been distributed, and the people to whom copies of any or all of the published items were given.

The term "publishing" includes (a) hardcopy printing of source and compiled data (referred to herein as "Print"),  (b) microfilming of source and compiled data (referred to herein as "Microfilm"),  (c) microfiching of source and compiled data (referred to herein as "Microfiche"), and (d) electronic publishing of source and compiled data, as well as videos (referred to herein as "Infobases" (which are recorded on either DVD write-once / read-only discs, thumb drives computer hard drives or web sites).



On 29 January-4 February 1991, the Genealogical Society/Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day -Saints in Salt Lake City, Utah, filmed the contents of Volume 1 and 2 on 10 reels of 35mm microfilm at 16x reduction. The filming was done under project #XLIB7P102, rolls #1595 through #1603. Listed below are the Library's call numbers of these microfilm reels, available at the Library in Salt Lake City or any Branch of the Library throughout the world. 

Library Film Reel
Call Number

Surnames, localities, abbreviations and symbols, format, emphasis 1597790

Notes 1597790
Index of Source Documents by individual's name  1597790
Index of Source Documents by document description 1597790
Index of Source Documents by document number 1597790 

Notes  1597790
Source Documents [DN 1 through DN 541]  1597790
Source Documents [DN 542 through DN 968]  1597791
Source Documents [DN 968 through DN1388] 1597792
Source Documents [DN1388 through DN1472]  1597793
Source Documents [DN1472 through DN1686] 1597794
Source Documents [DN1687 through DN2182]  1597795
Source Documents [DN2182 through DN2394] 1597796

Notes 1597796
Alphabetical name list of compiled individual records  1597796
Sources of compiled individual records by record number 1597796
Compiled individual records [RN 1 through RN 872] 1597796
Compiled individual records [RN 873 through RN2782] 1597797
Compiled individual records [RN2783 through RN4724] 1597798
Civil War Diaries of Wentworth Dow 1597850


In January 1990, May 1991 and January 1993, what comprised the complete collection of source documents and compiled data at those times was microfiched on 6 sets of 143 fiche each, four sets of 128 fiche, and 25 sets of 6 fiche (Civil War Diaries only). All copies of these fiche have been retained by my family.


"Infobases" are a form of digital publication in which most of my family history research has been published (i.e., those things that I have personally authored or compiled in this digital form).  Parts of my research are not in infobases, such as compiled genealogical databases and my index that is in the form of a flat-file database.  But for the most part, my authoring has been done using infobases because of their advantages for anyone wishing to find/search for specific items.

An infobase is the file format created by a computer software product called Folio Views . This application program was designed specially for authoring in digital form and the version I have used operates under the Microsoft Windows platform. The files can be sent over the internet, copied to computer discs (hard or removable) or recorded on DVDs.  

As of the end of the year 2018, more than 250 infobases have been authored, comprising more than 19.0 GB of data. These discs are for the private use of members of my immediate family and are not available to others.


The complete collection of source documents is recorded in PDF file format and recorded on DVD7.  In addition, there are over 180 originally authored PDF files containing documents and compiled information recorded on DVD2, DVD3, DVD4, DVD6 and DVD9.  These PDF files contain information not found in Infobases [note: these are not on this web site].


Virtually all of this research was published at one time or another on CDROM discs which have now been replaced by DVD discs. As additional material was authored or revisions were made to previous research, the new information was placed on revised DVD discs. Thus, there may be in existence CDROMs or DVDs that contain some of the same information. The revision or copyright date is the key as to which disc is the most complete, accurate or up to date.

All of the DVDs which have been used to publish this family history research are labeled with the titles CHAPTERS of OUR FAMILY TREASURY, REFLECTIONS, FINANCIAL and PROPERTY ARCHIVES, SOURCE DOCUMENTS COLLECTION, SOFTWARE, or VIDEOS.  Each is numbered and labeled "OUR FAMILY TREASURY - DVD_".

As of the end of the year 2016, 15 DVD discs are required to hold all of the research data.



The Civil War diaries were originally produced in one black and white copy (the pages of which were included in the Source Document collection and assigned DN numbers and indexed). In addition, four black and white photocopy sets of all the original pages were originally made. One bound set was sent to Jack V. Dow of Klamath Falls OR; one bound set was sent to Burton Dow of Klamath Falls OR; one bound set remains in Gerald Wayne Dow's collection of materials; and the fourth set was integrated into the Source Document xerox copy set that was sent to the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City UT, microfilmed by them, and then returned to Gerald Wayne Dow.


In 1988, I sent photocopies of a number of William Taylor letters in my collection to Mr. George H. Hayward in Fredericton, New Brunswick. George subsequently transcribed a number of these letters and added the text to his series of manuscript family group sheets - in this case, as reference material at the end of his group sheet A838 for Wentworth Dow and Mehetabel Enone (Dawes) Dow.

At the time he sent me copies of his transcription I was grateful to receive them and added them to my document collection without taking the time to proof his transcription. His transcription involved a considerable amount of time in deciphering William Taylor's hand writing and entering the text into his word processor. In the mid 1990s, George became the Editor of Generations, the Journal of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society, a post he held until early 1999. After he left the job of editor, his replacement apparently found these transcriptions among material George had planned to publish in Generations at some future time.

In the Summer 1999 issue of Generations, the new editor published one of Wentworth's letter as having been contributed by me. Unfortunately, as soon as my friend Hubert Bryant received his copy of this issue, he called me to point out that there are some errors in the transcription that George had made. For the most part, however, the transcription was accurate and only Hubert, who was intimately familiar with all the families named, would have spotted some of these name misspellings.


At the bottom of many of the pages on this website that have links to an infobase PDF file version, you may a find a statement such as the following: "This infobase was most recently printed in color and bound as a 279 page book on 17 June 2006".  This set of books is for my personal library only. These book versions of my infobases are not available to others.



Family History Research of Gerald Wayne Dow

Dow, Gerald Wayne.

Gerald Wayne Dow family history research / compiled by Gerald Wayne Dow.

Salt Lake City : Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1991.

on 10 microfilm reels : ill. ; 35 mm

Microfilm of original manuscript collection (15,489 p.) 1990, loaned by Gerald Dow, Walnut Creek, Ca.

Research collection including source documents (separately indexed) and compiled individual records (indexed alphabetically) written between 1985-1990. Materials come from the United States, Canada, Norway, and England, predominantly New Brunswick, New York, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Ontario, Norway, New Jersey, Montana, and California. Includes indexes. Includes Dow, Cornwall, Lawrence, McKeen, Seibel, Kreer, Mack, Ohnstad, Thompson, Hathaway, Vanatter, Thomas, and related families.
Contents: Roll 1, Indexes, and source documents 1-773 p. 4 - roll 2, source documents 774-1388 p.263 - roll 3, source documents 1388 p.264-1610 p. 4 - roll 4, source documents 1610 p.1-2320 - roll 5, source documents 2321-2394, alpha name list, sources index, individual record sheets 1-2142 - roll 6, individual record sheets 2143-4724.

Indexes, documents 1-541, pg. 2 1597790
Documents 541, pg 3-773, pg. 4 1597791 Item 1
Documents 774-968 pg. 5 of 32 1597791 Item 2
Documents 968, pg. 6-1388, pg. 55 of 306 1597792
Documents 1388, pg. 56-1388, pg 263 1597793 Item 1
Documents 1388, pg. 264-1472, pg. 17 of 38 1597793 Item 2
Document 1472, pg. 18-1610, p. 4 1597794 Item 1
Documents 1611-1686, pg. 6 1597794 Item 2
Documents 1687-2182, pg. 2 of 10 1597795
Documents 2182, pg. 3-2320 1597796 Item 1
Documents 2321-2394 1597796 Item 2
Individual records 1-872 1597796 Item 2
Individual records 873-2142 1597797 Item 1
Individual records 2143-2782 1597797 Item 2
Individual records 2783-4724 1597798
Source materials (mainly duplicated and non-
                                    genealogical in nature)
1597850 Item 1

1. Dow
2. Cornwell
3. Lawrence
4. McKeen
5. Thomas
6. Seibel
7. Mack
8. Ohnstad
9. Hathaway
10. Thompson
11. Vanatter
12. Kreer

Civil War Diaries of Wentworth Dow

1597850 item 2

Dow, Wentworth, 1829-1904.

Civil War diaries of Wentworth Dow : private, company E, 16th regiment,
Wisconsin Infantry Volunteers (Adams County Rifles) / transcribed and
interpreted by G. Wayne Dow.

Salt Lake City : Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1991.

on 1 microfilm reel : ill. ; 35 mm.

Microfilm of original manuscript collection (586 p.) 1991, loaned by G.
Wayne Dow, Walnut Creek, California.

Wentworth Dow was born in New Brunswick, Canada in 1829 and came to America in 1856. He settled in Wisconsin and later joined a regiment of the Wisconsin infantry and fought in the Civil War from 1861-1865. Before the war he worked as a lumberman and in 1866 he married Mehitable Enone Dawes who was the daughter of the family with whom he resided before the war. They had nine children, Information on his Civil War activities as related in his diary along with background information on places, people and events mentioned in the diary are given in this volume.
Covers period from February 3, 1862-January 1, 1865. Diary for 1865 previously lost and not included in this transcription.

1. Dow, Wentworth, 1829-1904
2. Dow
3. Dawes
4. United States - History - Civil War, 1861-1865 - Personal
I. Dow, Gerald Wayne


Civil War Diaries of Wentworth Dow

Collection donated by G. Wayne Dow, via Daniel Jenkins, to Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada, represented by the National Archivist of Canada.
The collection (totaling 6 diazo microfiche), consists of a microfiche copy of the original, with interleaved transcript copies, of Wentworth Dow's diaries covering his service from 3 February 1862 through 1 January 1865 as a Private in Company E, 16th Regiment of Wisconsin Infantry Volunteers (Adams County Rifles) and on detached service at the Headquarters of the 16th and 17th Army Corps, with supporting materials.


Wentworth Dow (1829-1904) was born at Kingsclear, New Brunswick. In August 1856 he emigrated to the United States, and worked as a lumberman in Wisconsin. He served from November 1861 to July 1865 with the Union Army in the U.S. Civil War as a Private in Company E, 16th Regiment of Wisconsin Infantry Volunteers (Adams County Rifles) and on detached service at Headquarters of the 16th and 17th Army Corps. Following the war, he returned to Wisconsin where he turned to farming.


Microfiche copy of the original, with interleaved transcript copies, of Wentworth Dow's diaries covering his service from 3 February 1862 through 1 January 1865 as a Private in Company E, 16th Regiment of Wisconsin Infantry Volunteers (Adams County Rifles) and on detached service at Headquarters of the 16th and 17th Army Corps. These record details of his movements and daily activities. Amongst the events outlined are his participation in several major battles and campaigns, including those of the Battle of Shiloh, the Central Mississippi Campaign of Grant, the Battle of Atlanta, Sherman's March to the Sea, and the siege of Savannah, as well as his service as the personal cook to General J. W. Mac Arthur and his staff. Following the diaries are an index and identifying notes, maps and other supporting documents.

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